Underground Ghost Hunting

UPE Media 2

Photo by: The Underground Tour.

Years ago, before careers, kids and mortgages, I used to go on road trip adventures.  One memorable road trip we drove through central Oregon, stopping in old ghost towns to explore abandoned churches, school houses and the occasional single family home if the front door was missing.  I’ll admit – our main goal was to find a ghost, but it was also interesting to think about the building in its heyday, and the people who used to walk through their doors so many years ago. Continue reading

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Hungry in Seattle

PPM_SCVB_AllrightsBT_10My  husband and I moved to Downtown Seattle from the Ballard area about four months ago, and one of the biggest adjustments was learning where to grocery shop, and where to find a half gallon of milk for under  $2.50.  It’s the most commonly asked question by friends:  “Where do you do your grocery shopping?”  Now instead of getting in the car once a week and shopping, I find myself constantly on the lookout by foot for good deals on groceries since there are multiple options. Continue reading

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All Aboard: A Father and Daughter Ride the Rails to Discover Vancouver, B.C.


If you’ve never traveled by train, you really must give it a whirl. My twelve-year-old daughter, Aliyah, and I had the chance to “ride the rails” last weekend courtesy of Amtrak. We traveled from Seattle to Vancouver, B.C. via Amtrak’s Cascades line for a quick yet exciting two-day adventure, and I couldn’t recommend it more! Continue reading

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2 Days In The Islands

Islands and ferryAs a lifelong Seattle area resident, foodie, and citywide concierge, I am a little ashamed to admit that, until recently, I had never been to the San Juan Islands. So, when given the chance through our amazing Travel Effect program, on a sunny Thursday I packed my bags and my husband and hopped on the first ferry. During the busiest travel months the line to get onto any ferry heading out of Anacortes can be daunting so heed the advice of a professional and get there 2-hours prior to departure, especially on a weekend. I did not heed my own professional advice and we missed the ferry. Don’t be like me. Continue reading

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Zac & Sam Get Married

Sam and I have both lived pretty normal lives.

When we met at the Gay Christian Network Conference in Nashville, we were on Winter break from college. Sam flew down from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and I drove up from the University of South Carolina. The friendship that began there blossomed into a two year long distance relationship and later into an engagement this past December as we moved to Minnesota together.

See? Pretty normal, huh. Continue reading

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