We’d Like to Thank the Academy

By Ali Daniels

Ann, Kristen and Kim accepting our awardPhoto: WA Wine Commission

Ann, Kristen and Kim accepting our award
Photo: WA Wine Commission

We’d like to thank the Academy. Our Fans. Everyone that believed in us.  Oh wait, perhaps I’m getting a little carried away.  But, we are extremely honored to be recognized by the Washington Wine Commission as the Tourism Champion at this year’s Annual Washington Wine Awards

We were invited to spend Monday evening with incredible wine makers from our state and the people that help bring that wine to the thirsty mouths of our community.  Everyone from sommeliers, retailers, hotels, restaurant owners and staff.  It was a bit of a who’s who in the Washington wine world.

Wa Wine AwardsI will admit to blushing a bit when I spotted the geniuses behind some of my favorite wines.  It was in these moments that I realized that these wine makers truly are celebrities and deserve to be recognized as such.  While they may not grace the big screen or top the pop charts, they will be present around the city for some fabulous photo op’s soon – I bet they’d even autograph a bottle or two if you asked nicely.

The Wine Awards kicks off a very exciting Washington wine event season that would make even the slightest oenophile drool.  Keep an eye on the full wine-lover calendar here.

A great chance to see a wealth of wine superstars is just around the corner at Taste Washington.  Over 200 wineries will be in attendance, in addition to tasty bites from some of the region’s best restaurants.   I hope to see you all there.  In the meantime, do tell, what is your favorite Washington wine?

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Ali Daniels

Ali Daniels is the Vice President of Marketing for Visit Seattle. You'll find her wearing out her running shoes in the parks around Seattle or bellied up to the kitchen counters of the city's yummiest establishments. She loves buttercream frosting, kittens, snapping pics and life in lower Queen Anne with her rad husband.

Ali Daniels


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